10 Differences in Animosity and Hate

Animosity means the feeling of dislike or ill will. It is separate from the term call Hate. The usage of right term at right situation is very important.

Image depicting the words 'life' and 'animosity' in contrasting fonts, representing a thematic dichotomy between vitality and hostility
Exploring the dualities of existence: where life meets animosity.

Animosity is the single word but it held amount of destructive force that can tear apart many communities, toxic relationships and the basic seed for division among everyone.

It can be define as the strong feeling of the hostility,ill will or resentment towards the person or something.

Most of the people mix the word Animosity and hate but actually they both are quite different. The word Animosity means the strong feeling of the dislike or hatred. It can also be put as the ill will or antagonistic attitude.

The image with plain background black colour written animosity on it
Meaning of the Animosity is ill will and feeling of resentment toward something

History of Animosity

The word  Animosity origins found in Latin. It resembels the latin word Animosus with the meaning of spirited and high spirited. As the time passes, this word evolves into the Animositas which means quality of being lively.

In the Late middle ages, this term take more negative idea and shift from sense of liveliness to ill will.
It starts using in English in the 16th Century with the meaning of the strong feeling of dislike or enmity towards the some person and something.


There are the following of the animosity along with their meanings which can be used as its synonyms:

  • Animus

The strong feeling of hostility, often link with the desire of revenge

  • Antagonism

Opposition, known for the long standing conflict

  • Bad blood

Resentment, known as the past conflicts

  • Jaundice

A feeling of bitterness, the envy towards someones good success aur fortune

  • Grudge

A presistent feeling of resentment or ill will, due to the past injustice

  • Enmity

animosity between the groups aur communities, often felt due to longstanding rivalry

These are the synonyms if animosity mostly you have seen around the environment used again and again.


Difference in Animosity and Hate

An image writted animosity on it and meaning of it which is a strong feeling of dislike
Animosity and hate difference they both are not same as the people confuses themselves

Most of the time people are confused around using the term Animosity and Hate aur both of the time end up confused. No worries here are the differences to clarify as you proceed.

  1. Intensity 

    Hate tends to connote a stronger and more bold emotion as compared to animosity. Hate always have the deep phase of the resentment and hostility while animosity is just a feeling of dislike.

  2. Duration Hate is often more enduring and persistent than the animosity which is always situational means change as per the time frame.
  3. Root Cause 

    Animosity always appears from the specific talks aur conversations while hate is deeply from ideologies or personal grivances.

  4. ExpressionThe expression of the animosity is rather passive aggressive behaviour, On the other hand Hate is like you are manifesting in overt aggression.
  5. Scope 

    Hate is the trend towards the more extended beyond the individuals of entire group and communities, On the other hand Animosity is trend towards the specific individual and specimen.

  6. Rationality 

    Animosity can sometime resolve with the conversation and understanding whereas hate may take more resistent to change the past.

  7. Impact

    Hate has more impact than the animosity because of which hate impact is much longer than the animosity which also can lead someone to the discrimination, violence and systemic oppression.
  8. Emotional ResponseAnimosity may express the feeling of annoyance, frusturation whereas hate is characterized by intense feeling of anger or disdain.
  9. Motivation

    Animosity is more likely not the motivation to the specific individual but Hate can ignite the power to compare and motivate to become better than each other.
  10. Resolution

Animosity can be sometime resolved through reconcilation and apologizing but hate may need more effort to make it forget the resolution of conflict and past traumas.



Animosity is the feeling of ill will and feeling of dislike on the other hand we have the word Hate which means the pure hatred towards anything. Animosity is quite different than the hate this word never intend to pass the personal conflicts. We can use more words on the place of animosity ehich are its synonyms and then we have the history which means animosity is the latin word. There is the proof of the difference between the animosity and hate by giving you 10 differences on this topic. May you understand well now to make sure that in which situation which word is used. For more information get in touch with Daily AM.



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