Is Paul Pelosi attacker sentenced to 30 years in prison?

Paul pelosi attacker senteced for 20 years in prison
Paul Pelosi attacker

The person who attacked Paul Pelosi who are the husband of Speaker of the US House of Representatives has been given 30 years in prison.

The attempt of kidnapping on the Paul Pelosi in which a goverment official found the gulity of David Depape in November and after the long trial of week in San Francisco.

As the circumstances of the attackk of Paul Pelosi. He is now 84 years old was injured very badly. Due to injuries he have to stay six long days in hospital.

The wife of Paul Pelosi and the former speaker of the US House of representatives insist for the very long sentence for the loss and attempt for kidnapping. The sentence is given to the Depape.

A spokeswoman for Mrs. Pelosi saud that

“Her Family could not be prouder of their Father (Paul Pelosi) and his great untoched courage”

Speaker of Pelosi and her family said that

Hugely grateful to all who have sent love and prayers over the last eighteen months, as Mr Paul Polesi continues to recover

The government appeall to judge for the DEpape 40years in prison. He can alco spend the rest of his life in jail on the other state charges.

Paul pelosi and his wife out from the hospital
Paul pelosi out from hospital

Paul Pelosi Attacker Depape

Depape is the candaian citizen who was living in the US for the past 20 years. He broke into the pelosi home in california with a hammer on October 28. 2022.

As the evedince the video of this whole event was shown during the hearing of the case in front of the judge.

When Depape reached at the sarah pelosi husband in the home. He asked for Mrs Pelosi but unfortunately she was not there.

When 911 arrived at the crime scene they found paul pelosi and the attacker Depape holding on too the Hammer both of them.

Soon after, After being told to drop the gun
Depape hit pul pelosi very hard and police had to knock him down to the ground.

Body cams that the police officers was wearing caught whole the scene on the camera.

Paul Pelosi gotten his arm and hand in addition to breaking his head. Three times, he was hit during the attack.

In the statement which was sent before sentencing,
Mrs. Pelosi asked the court to give Depape a very long sentence and she and her husband have never been able to talk what happened.

Judge Statement

Mrs. Paul said

Paul and I have never discussed the events of the horrible nights.

She said

Paul does not want to undergo revisiting it, and the doctors advice is that discussing the vicious assault would only renew his trauma

Mr. Pelosi said the statement in court that

Depape waas planning to take out his wife ny calling her the leader of the pack


It was a really shocking news by looking at him and then looking at hammer and the ties.

Mr. Paul said
I was in great danger and I did my best to stay cool in situation like this

After that Mr pelosi found himself in the pool of blood and was rushed to the hospital.
In the letter to the court, it was written in that letter that he is still getting affect by injuries.

The hounarable judge sentenced the attacker known as the David Depape for the next 30 years in the prison. 

The case has been solved and the justice prevail. The Paul pelosi has been out from the hospital and making fast recoveries. Depape has been sentenced for the 30 years in prison.



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